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Sep 23 Grand Valley Menu Choices -- Survey of Your Selections



We must report to Grand Valley by Sep 16 how many of each menu item has been selected by our 61 registrants.

Although Grand Valley only wants to know the number of classmates choosing each item, we intend to maintain a list showing by name, or at least by classmate and guest, to help us keep track of who made their menu choices and when.  We may need to know the chronological order in which people made their selections so that they can be assured of getting what they want, in case too many did not pre-select a menu item which, in turn, might require that some classmates might have to take a second or third choice if they wait until Sep 23 to order at the reunion event.

Frankly, the menu looks so good that probably most people would still be happy to get even their fourth preferred choice.

We would prefer to not encounter such a situation, however, so we urge you all to choose now, today or at the latest tomorrow, and return the survey so that we can do what will need to be done (lots of phone calls)  to compile the menu selection tallies for Grand Valley and the more detailed list for ourselves.

Here is the menu:

Grand Valley Inn menu for our Sep 23, 2021, BFHS61 Mini-Reunion

  1.   Grilled Chicken Salad                   $12

Julienne strips of boneless, chargrilled chicken breast served on a bed of mixed spring greens with fries, sharp cheddar cheese, hard cooked egg and a variety of other seasonal vegetable garnishes


  1.   Grilled Steak Salad                        $13

House sirloin chargrilled to your liking, served with fries, sharp cheddar, seasonal vegetable garnishes and our fresh mixed greens


  1.   Peppers n’ Pasta                           $13

Homemade stuffed banana peppers filled with spicy Italian sausage, spinach and a mix of aged Romano and Parmesan cheese.  Slow baked & served over angel hair marinara.


  1.   Chicken Parmesan                        $13

Tender boneless chicken breast fried golden brown, baked with marinara and a medley of imported cheeses, served over a side of pasta marinara.


  1.   Haddock Sandwich                       $10

Hand breaded fresh haddock Filet, deep fried golden brown, served on a bakery fresh hoagie with fries and creamy coleslaw, or make it a platter without the bun.


  1.   Meatball Hoagie                           $10.50

Our Italian meatballs made from a blend of meats and cheeses topped with marinara sauce and Mozzarella cheese on a hoagie roll with fries.


  1.   Margherita Flatbread                   $9

Italian flatbread drizzled with our own garlic and herb sauce, topped with thin sliced tomatoes, Mozzarella and Parmesan cheese, baked golden brown.


  1.   Crab Cake                                      $13

Single homemade, real crab cakes sauteed golden brown, served with rice pilaf and today’s vegetable.  Choice of soup or salad.


For those registered classmates who are bringing a guest:   Rather than design this survey for your circumstance, and rather than prepare a second survey, we have decided it will be simple enough  to just call Russ Greata at 703-217-1056--leave a voicemail if he does not answer, and clearly identify yourself so he can call you back.  Please fill out the survey for yourself and return it.  Your guest's choice, per your phone call with Russ, will be entered manually in the tally.



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