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Pics from 5 Mini-Reunions

Welcome to the photo gallery that contains pictures from five of our class Mini-Reunions.  They include two that were held in 2019:  one was a Reunion that was held on Friday, March 8th, at the Havana Country Club in the Villages, Florida, and the second was a Beaver Falls All Class Reunion held on Wednesday, March 20th in Nokomis, Florida. The third mini-reunion was held at a restaurant in The Villages on March 15, 2015, which ten classmates plus their spouses/guests attended. 

The fourth mini-reunion, which includes pictures, was held on March 4, 2021, at the Havana Country Club restaurant in The Villages.  Pam Krivak and Patti Dicianna took the pictures.

The fifth mini-reunion was held on Tuesday, March 19, 2024, at the Havana Country Club in the Villages. Pam Krivak and Russell Greata took the pictures.

The pictures taken at the mini-reunions can be viewed by scrolling down to the bottom of this page. You can reach them by clicking on the link 'Pics from 5 Mini-Reunions. We are grateful to Terry Dicianna, Russ Greata, Pam Krivak, Carol Stewart Mitchell, and Karen Rauchfuss Weber, who took pictures and shared them. 

Individual pages can be accessed by clicking on the page number at the top of the page.

An individual picture on a page can be accessed by clicking on it.  This action opens and enlarges the picture on the screen so the picture and its caption can be viewed.

When an individual picture is opened, the remaining mini reunion pictures will automatically advance on the screen, one picture at a time, until all pictures have been displayed.


2021 Florida Mini-Reunion
18 Photos  3/13/21
2019 Fla. Mini-Reunion
55 Photos  3/22/19
Mini-Reunion at Nokomis
24 Photos  3/23/19
Central FL 2015
11 Photos  3/16/15
2024 Florida Mini Reunion
21 Photos  3/22/24