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WELCOME to the Official Website of  the

Beaver Falls High School Class of 1961



       2023   FLORIDA    MINI-REUNION         APRIL 4, 2023  TUES





          * Sadly, due to unavoidable circumstances, Mike, Harold, and Dino have had to cancel

            their trip to Florida whose sole purpose was to join us.  We will miss their important

            contributions to our collective goodwill, joy, and humor.

           Offsetting this downturn is the great news received today that the Menands, Connie  

              Ramsey and husband Walt, will be joining us.  

Terry and Patti Dicianna

Russ and Joanne Greata

Terry and Pam Krivak

Mike MacDonald

Harold Evans

Tom Colaberardino

Carol Stewart Mitchell

Maureen Piccinini Golmont

Joline Mittica Mannion

Gary Campbell

Barry  and  Lorraine  Campbell

Sonny  and  Gerri  Borello

Alice Jean Luciania Stewart  and  Tony Cabral

Doralee Pauletich  and  John Less

Ray  and  Diane  Householder    SAD TO RELATE, A CONFLICT AROSE, CAN'T ATTEND

Connie Ramsey Menand and Walt Menand



--------    We leave the below report on the 2022 mini-reunion on this Home Page for the time being, letting it serve as a sort of "teaser" for our 2023 Florida Mini-Reunion.  The sharp-eyed among you will notice that the 2022 reunion was the 8th Annual one, and you will go on to do the simple math that identifies this year's mini-reunion as our "9th Annual".   Ahhhh ...   --------

The BFHS Class of 1961 held its 8th annual Mini-Class reunion and luncheon on Tuesday, March 8, 2022, at the Havana Country Club Restaurant in The Villages, Florida. Members of the class and their guests gathered at 1:30 pm for appetizers and conversation. Lunch was served at 2:00 pm.  Tables in the restaurant's outdoor covered patio were used for the luncheon which made it easier to enjoy the warm and sunny weather.

The 2022 Mini-Reunion pictures have been posted on the Home page. They can be accessed by clicking on the menu item on the top left-hand side of the Home page. Pictures from last year's mini-reunion are also posted on the Home page. They can be viewed by selecting Pics from 4 Mini- Reunions which is located in the horizontal menu in black on the right-hand side of the Home page. 

There was no cover charge or fee for the Mini-Reunion and attendees made their meal choices from the Havana Country Club Restaurant menu. Attendees included classmates who live in Florida (24), classmates who were vacationing in Florida, and classmates who drove to Florida to attend this event.  To see a list of classmates who live in Florida or in any state, click on that state in the WHERE WE LIVE section, on the right-hand side of the Home page.

Below are the names of classmates and guests who attended the 2022 Mini-Reunion :

Sonny Borello

Gerri Moore Borello

Gary Campbell

Barry Campbell

Lorraine Campbell

Tom Colaberardino

Terry Dicianna

Patti Dicianna

Harold Evans

Russell Greata

Joanne Greata

Ray Householder

Anita Isaacson (Shalit)

Terry Krivak

Pam Krivak 

Alice Jean Luciania

Tony Cabral

Michael MacDonald

Joline Mittica (Mannion)

Doralee Pauletich

John Less

Ruth Partington

Kay Hrivnak

Maureen Piccinini (Golmont)

Carol Stewart (Mitchell)

Kaye Webb (Elder)

Jim Elder

Tom Wier

Keener White

Classmates enjoyed spending time together.




Dear Classmate,

Over the years, we have taken time at our reunions to remember and pay tribute to our deceased classmates.  Without a program booklet at our 60th reunion, this was not done. 

We would like to acknowledge and pray for our classmates who have died since we gathered for our 57th reunion and 75th birthday celebration in 2018. 

In loving memory of our deceased classmates, we fondly remember our years together and pray for them and their families. 

Even though they are not here, they remain with us in spirit and in our hearts. 

By clicking on a classmate's name, you will go to their page in the  In-Memory section of our class website.

Rest in peace dear friends.


Robert E. Beatty

Thomas J. Brown  



Carol Bayne (Kain) 

Patricia A. Braid (Metheny)

Charles Brockhouse Jr.  

Joyce Connor (Bauman) 

Ron Depner 

Connie Estabrook (Molchen) 

Carol Koziol (Ripper)  

Ernest Pelaia  

Louis Ricci  

Beth E. Smith Inman

Charles Patrick Smith  

Gary Smith  

Joyce Thompson (Herron)  




James Cockfield  

Robert Contino  

Linda Davidson (Moneta)  

Jay Gordon  

William Mohrbacher  

Dr. Gary Murphy  

Ted /Clark Veiock /Hall  



Karen Boyles  

Frank Burdine  

Jeffrey Farkas  

Dorothy Yokel (Passalinqua)  



Marilyn Bradley (Valley)  

Charles Bruce  

Tony Dakis  

Ernie Neale  

Richard Partington  

William Partington  

Roberta Shuman (Campbell)  

John Slovak 

Donna Tracey (Rowley)  

Carol Wissner (DeNome)  



Beaver Falls High School Class of 1961's

60th Reunion a Success

Following the cancellation of the Beaver Falls High School Class of 1961's Reunion (a truly special class), initially scheduled at the New Galilee Fire Hall on September 11, 2021, several classmates expressed an interest in using a different venue and selecting a new date to reschedule this special event. That interest resulted in Sonny and Gerri Borello taking on the responsibility of helping schedule and organize the Class of 1961's 60th Reunion at a restaurant in the Beaver Falls area that was willing and capable of hosting this event.

On Thursday, September 23, 2021, the Beaver Falls High School Class of 1961's 60th reunion was held at the Grand Valley Inn in Fallston, Pa. It was a beautiful fall day as members of the class gathered to reconnect, spend time together, and catch up on life's events. It was an enjoyable day and a great opportunity to meet and talk with good friends.

We would like to thank everyone who attended the 60th class reunion. Your support is very much appreciated. We would especially like to thank Gerri and Sonny Borello who stepped forward to help schedule and make the arrangements for the 60th class reunion at the Grand Valley Inn. Their efforts included communicating with classmates, making arrangements with the restaurant, and getting everything ready at the restaurant to welcome everyone. A special thank you goes to Gerri Borello for putting together the decorations and setting up the restaurant to create a welcoming atmosphere.

A big thank you also goes to Mike MacDonald for providing the music from our era at this event which helped bring back memories of our high school years. Mike's efforts are even more noteworthy when you consider that he packs up his trailer of equipment and drives from Avon, Indiana to the reunion site where he unpacks his trailer and sets up all of this equipment. Thank you, Mike, you are the man!

Please know that a photo gallery of pictures from the 60th class reunion has been set up and can be viewed by clicking on the last menu item on the left side of the Home page. An individual picture on a page can be accessed by clicking on it.  This action opens and enlarges the picture on the screen so the picture, and its caption, can be viewed.

When an individual picture is opened, the remaining reunion pictures will automatically advance on the screen, one picture at a time, until all pictures have been displayed.

If anyone has pictures from the reunion they would like to share, please forward them to our attention.


Thanks to Sonny and Gerri Borello


Thanks to Mike MacDonald        




Mini-Reunion at Grand Valley Inn

Thursday,  September 23, 2021,  noon - 5 pm


There are 61 people who have signed up for the Mini-Reunion, 41 classmates, and 20 guests.

Our class website [ beaverfalls61.com ] has a link at the bottom of the left side menu options on the Home Page to register for this Mini-Reunion. 

If you are able, please use the website link to register.

If you cannot use the website link,  please call Sonny Borello at 412-670-4589  or email him at krb425@comcast.net, or call Gerri Moore Borello at 330-853-7254 or email her at gerrimoore827@yahoo.com.  

Please provide your name, phone number, and email address. Your registration information can then be entered into the system.

Registered Classmates                Registered Guests

  • Sonny Borello                                  Gerri Borello
  • Gary Campbell
  • Joline Mittica Mannion
  • Doralee Pauletich                             John Less
  • Pauline Young Morgan                    Tom Morgan
  • Russell Greata                                  Joanne Greata
  • Martha Dean Hoegle 
  • Terry Krivak                                       Pam Krivak                                                          
  • Keener White
  • Henry Podbielski                               Barbara Podbielski
  • Patricia McFarlin Pisor   
  • Mary Summers Depner      
  • Constance Ramsey Menand            Walt Menand 
  • Jim Stalnecker                                   Karen Stalnecker
  • Delores Chiodo Miller                       Donnie Miller
  • Bob Beatty
  • Lillian Chookie Fritzley
  • Henry Hofelt                                      Jane Hofelt
  • Barbara Lusk Knopp                         Fred Knopp
  • Dave Carter                                        Nancy Carter
  • Patty Braid Metheney                       Gregg Metheney
  • Mike MacDonald
  • John Lehi                                          Cathy Lehi
  • Jim Topper
  • Harold Evans
  • Jack McCready                               
  • Bonnie Moore Willson                      David Willson
  • Janet Belkowski MacCrindle
  • Rodger Del Iben                                Betty Iben
  • Judith Ann Sloboda Smith
  • Bonnie Reed (Reed)
  • Connie Wardman
  • Jason Landsbach                            Janice Landsbach 
  • Debbie Lloyd Boyer                         Frank Boyer
  • Louise Zingaro Hoover
  • Esther Kalish (Cox)
  • Shirley Hutton Barcus
  • Darlene Cribbs Esoldo
  • Robert Peters                                  Connie Peters
  • Marsha Burns Benetti
  • Carole McCaughtry Comley
  •                                                           Sandy Creighton Murphy


                                    { End of September 8 Update }





AUGUST 18,  2021

ANNOUNCING:   A  2021  Beaver Falls  Mini-Reunion for the Class of 1961


WHEN:   SEPTEMBER 23, 2021    from  NOON  to  5pm


(on PA51 about a mile south of the main Brady’s Run Park entrance:   452 Constitution Blvd, Fallston, PA 15066           www.grandvalleyinn.com        724-843-9000)



-----MEAL COST:   YOU WILL ORDER FROM A 6- OR 7-ITEM MENU.  Entrees excluding tax and tip will range from $10 to $16.   Add for tax, tips, and drinks that you order for yourself.

Hors d’oervres will be provided.




JUST CALL, AND IF NO ANSWER, LEAVE A MESSAGE WITH YOUR PHONE NUMBER, and please speak slowly and clearly, so that even a hearing-impaired person [so many of us] can write down your information.  To be certain we know which classmate is calling, please make sure to include your high school first and last name.    

Finally, IF you do not receive a call back to confirm that you want to attend, PLEASE CALL AGAIN. 




              [ End of  August 18 update ]



Class get-together in 2021?

Dear Classmate,                                                                                                                                                      August 15, 2021

Although the effort to hold the 60th class reunion at the New Galilee Fire Hall was unsuccessful {see the August 14  60th Reunion cancellation notice below}, there are approximately 40 classmates who may still be interested in attending a reunion get-together this year. 

As a result, an invitation is extended to any classmate who is willing to identify a location and schedule a date during a week in September or October (really, any month considered appealing for classmates) for a get-together at a restaurant that has an adequate size room for this purpose (two already suggested by classmates are the Grand Valley Inn on PA51 and the Beaver Valley Country Club)·         

This get-together may be held on any suitable date.  It is suggested that it be scheduled on a weekday (M – Th) because the venue choices will be more available and because conflicts with typical weekend activities would be avoided.

·         Whoever initiates the get-together will by themselves or with their friends be able to choose the location, date, time, and arrangements. 

·         The website may be used to assist with communications.

·         There are currently no deadlines. Deadlines will be set by the host restaurant near the date of the get-together.

·          Mike MacDonald is willing to attend with his music and equipment if the facility that is chosen can accommodate it.  Mike is also willing to create CDs of the music he will play for those who are interested.


Anyone who would like to discuss the few steps involved and what steps are not involved, and how we can use the website to help with the process is asked to contact Russ Greata [703-217-1056  or  rugreata@aol.com] or Terry Krivak {440-476-4256  or  terrykrivak@aol.com}.

[ end of August 15 message ]




60th Class Reunion canceled


Dear Classmate,                                                                     August 14, 2021


Unfortunately, the attendance number that was set to help ensure a successful 60th class reunion was not reached.  As a result,  the 60th Class Reunion scheduled for September 11, 2021, at the New Galilee Fire Hall has been canceled While many factors impacted our decision, the recent increase in COVID cases is a major factor contributing to the lower than needed attendance. 


Refunds will be issued to classmates who have registered. This process will begin next week.  Questions in this area, such as redirecting some of the refunds, should be posed to Terry Krivak (440-476-4256 - terrykrivak@aol.com)


Our class will hold get-togethers in the future, but they will be modeled after the Florida mini-reunions. Classmates may help initiate a reunion get-together on a date and at a location they specify.  We expect these events to be held in a restaurant setting where classmates may order off the menu, but more creative minds may suggest a different option.


Thanks and appreciation are extended to everyone who registered for the reunion and to those who were not able to attend but supported the effort.  It is always a pleasure to interact with our classmates. Our class spirit is special and has been the key to our class staying in touch over the years.


Once a Beaver Falls Tiger always a tiger!


Terry Krivak and Russ Greata



2021 Mini-Reunion in Florida

The 7th annual B.F.H.S. Class of 1961's Mini-Reunion was held at the Havana Country Club restaurant in The Villages, Florida, on Thursday, March 4th from 2:00 to 4 PM. Many classmates were there early and several of them stayed later, with some moving on to another restaurant/bar before calling it a day.  Tables were provided at the Havana Country Club in the covered outdoor patio and everyone ordered from the restaurant menu. It was a beautiful day and being outside helped ensure that it was a safe event.

Classmates and guests who attended were:  Dominic (Sonny) Borello with guest Gerri Moore,  Gary Campbell, Terry Dicianna,  Patti Dicianna,  Harold Evans,  Maureen Piccinini Golmont,  Russ Greata,  Joanne Greata, Terry Krivak,  Pam Krivak,  Mike MacDonald,  Carol Stewart Mitchell,  Moni and Jim Stewart (class of 1960, Jim is Carol's brother), Joline Mittica Mannion,  Ruth Partington,  Pam North (friend of Ruth),  Doralee Pauletich with John Less,  Gary Smith and Barb Willis Smith,  Alice Jean Luciania Stewart with Tony Cabral,  and Keener White.

Pam Krivak, with help from Patti Dicianna took the pictures. To view the mini-reunion pictures, click on the tab at the top of the page marked Pictures from the Mini Reunions.  

NOTE:  If you would like to share any of your pictures from this year's mini-reunion, please email them to either Terry Krivak or Russ Greata.

It was quite an enjoyable event with lots of laughter, without fear as we all had our shots.   We were pleased that so many of our congenial classmates were able to attend.


Russ Greata     -     Email -  rugreata@aol.com              Phone   1-703-217-1056

Terry Krivak      -    Email -  terrykrivak@aol.com           Phone   1-440-476-4256  


A report on the  57th  REUNION 

The Beaver Falls Class of 1961’s  57th Anniversary Reunion and 75th Birthday Celebration was held at the New Galilee Fire Hall, New Galilee, Pa. on Saturday, September 8th. Over 100 classmates and guests enjoyed seeing and catching up with each other.  While it rained lightly on and off during the day, the environment inside the fire hall was filled with warmth and good spirits. The reunion was built on the foundation that was put in place by Dick Partington, our class president who was with us in spirit.

The reunion program along with the pictures that were taken at the reunion are posted here on the class website under 57th Reunion Pictures and Program. You will find this selection at the top of the page on the right side of the menu bar  (the 4th of the 5 tabs).

The Reunion Planning Committee consisting of Terry Dicianna, Russ Greata, Harry James, Terry Krivak, and Connie Ramsey Menand thank you for your support.

The committee is working to locate and post the obituaries and other pertinent information for all of our deceased classmates. If you have an obituary or information on a deceased classmate that we do not have, please let us know and we will post it.

Profiles of our deceased classmates can be accessed on the website by clicking on the In-Memory tab at the top of the page.

Our class website provides us with the opportunity to communicate with each other in a private manner and communications can be sent and received in an easy and effective format.

if you have not signed up to join the website, you are invited to take this step so you can stay connected with other classmates. If you are a member, please consider encouraging classmates you communicate with who are not members, to join by going to http://www.beaverfalls61.com  and click on the tab labeled “First Time Visitors” and follow the instructions that are outlined there.

The planning committee looks forward to continuing to work with you. If you have any concerns, questions, or information to share, please contact one of the website administrators.

Thank you for your help and support.







                                                  GO  TO  BOTTOM  LINK  AT  LEFT  SIDE  OF  HOME PAGE


With great sadness for the loss of and great appreciation for having known Mr. Bruno Campese, we share with you his obituary.

Bruno Campese

1926 - 2021


Beaver Falls - Bruno A. Campese, age 94, former Big Beaver Falls Area School Teacher, Beaver Falls High School and Beaver Falls Junior High School Football Coach, Councilman, Mayor of the City of Beaver Falls, and WWII Army veteran, passed away on Monday, March 29, 2021.
Bruno was born on May 17, 1926 to the late Angelo R. and Nicolina (Galucci) Campese. He was one of seven children. He graduated from Beaver Falls High School in 1944 and went into the Army Infantry with the Fighting 69th Infantry, attached to the 3rd Army under General George Patton. Bruno fought in the "Battle of the Bulge" as well as other major battles of WWII.
Upon his discharge, he enrolled at Geneva College, graduating in 1949. Just prior to graduation, he married "the most beautiful lady he had ever seen", Jean Stanko. Jean passed away on December 23, 2012, after 64 years of marriage. In addition to his parents and wife, he was also preceded in death by four sisters, Frances, Josephine, Ida, and Susie; and a brother, Conrad.
Jean and Bruno were the proud parents of James (Cathy), Jeffrey (Mary Frances), and Jeanne Marie "Gigi"; grandparents of Jimmy, Michael, Dominic, Jeffrey, Gino and Gina; and great-grandfather of Gianella Glenn. Also surviving is his brother, Sam, and numerous nieces, nephews, and friends.
Friends will be received on Monday from 2-4PM and 6-8PM at the GABAUER-LUTTON FUNERAL HOME & CREMATION SERVICES, INC., 117 Blackhawk Road, Chippewa Twp., www.gabauerfamilyfuneralhomes.com. Prayers will be offered at 10:20AM at the funeral home, followed by a Mass of Christian Burial at Our Lady of the Valley Catholic Church, 521 7th Ave, New Brighton, at 11AM with Fr. Tom Kredel as celebrant.
Interment will follow in Calvary Cemetery, Freedom.
In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made in Bruno's name to McGuire Memorial, 2119 Mercer Road, New Brighton, PA 15066.


CLASS  of  1961   60th  REUNION

SEPTEMBER  11,  2021

LOCATION:   New Galilee Fire Hall

FOOD:  Post Office Caterers, the same caterer used in 2018.

MUSIC:   Mike MacDonald will be there!

COST:   Expect about $27 per person, the same as for the 2018 57thyear reunion

Our ad hoc reunion committee was aware of the significance of September 11 when we chose that date.  None of us was personally affected by losing a family member or close friend on September 11, 2001.  If any of you did lose someone very close on that day and would not attend because of it, please give Russ or Terry a call.

We are asking you to help us.  We know that mailing, emailing, calling, and our beaverfalls61.com site will not reach every one of the more than 150 classmates whom we could not reach in 2018.  We ask that each of you on Facebook announce our reunion date and obtain contact information (phone, email, address).  We also ask that if you run into a classmate while shopping or are otherwise out and about, please ask if they have heard of our 60th reunion, and, if not, obtain contact information.  If you have any contact information, please call Russ Greata (703-217-1056) or Terry Krivak (440-476-4256).


Administrative donations are used to cover the costs of maintaining contact with classmates, such as website, postal, and telephone expenses. Also used for venue/caterer deposits.


•   Sandra Sims (Peyton)  5/2
•   John Slater  4/29
•   Larry Patterson  4/3
•   Delores Markusic (Luger)  3/1
•   Sondra Kemp (Fresty)  2/7
•   Janet Belkowski (MacCrindle)  1/4
•   Nancy Mannerino (Cornecki)  1/2
•   Debra LLoyd (Boyer)  12/19
•   Michael MacDonald  8/21
•   Rae Russell (Johnson)  7/19
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1 lives in Alabama
6 live in Arizona
10 live in California
2 live in Colorado
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22 live in Florida
7 live in Georgia
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