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07/19/19 12:44 PM #74    


Gary Moore

Great.  I'm in transit now to promote my novel but will get that play off to you before long.

07/30/19 09:41 PM #75    


Bernie Pokropski (Cymbor)

I enjoyed the play immensely, Gary.  Sure took me back to the 60's when steel was king.  I also remember JFK and all the hoopla which I had forgotten.  You are a natural born writer!  Excellent script which can be rapped.  You are a genius!  Bernie Cymbor

08/01/19 01:37 PM #76    


Gary Moore

A genius, eh?  I want you to be my sole authorized reviewer for The New York Times.

Glad you enjoyed my play.  I tried to produce it in Beaver Falls in what used to be our high schooll theater, but the Superintendent kept me from getting the use of the theater by saying it was busy the night I wanted it.  A friend drove by when that nght came and there was not a soul in sight.  NIce example for the young.

08/02/19 11:04 AM #77    


Bernie Pokropski (Cymbor)

Hi Gary,  There was one, small risque (accent over the e) part in the play.  Maybe if you had taken that out, the superintenden would have agreed.  Otherwise, the students would have enjoyed and appreciated the plot especially because it is rapped.  I thought it was very clever that you had the girl as a pool expert rather than a sex trafficker. How could he object to that?  Bernie 

10/11/19 08:12 PM #78    


Janet Belkowski (MacCrindle)

Gary, Was very impressed with your book "Abe & Ann. Well written and a great love story of a President remembered. WOW, what a accomplishment you have made. Enjoyed reading it very much and knowing I graduated with a star thats even better. Wishing you much success in your journey of writing and all other ventures you partake in, Your talent is far above. Take care and God bless fellow classmate.


10/12/19 01:14 PM #79    


Gary Moore

Janet, thanks so much for reaching out with your feedback. A writer needs all of that he can get.  It's been very hard to get the book reviewed or written about in the press, so word of mouth seems to be the main way my book is getting around.  I'm thinking of sending out a mailing asking people who enjoyed it to buy it for somebody for Christmas.  Ah well, one reader told me the book will catch on slowly and I'll be famous after I die.  I said that really gives me something to look forward to! 

But seriously, thanks for buying and reading my book.  I've been honored to have the support of my classmates!

10/14/19 09:48 AM #80    

Yvonne Allen (Allison)

Hi Gary,

I too am looking forward to buying/reading your book. Remembering your many talents when we in high school i'm certain it's stellar.

I'm in the midst of writing my memoir for my grand children.

Hope all is well...


10/15/19 01:29 PM #81    


Gary Moore

Thanks, Yvonne.  I hope you enjoy my novel. 

Talk about talents in high school!  You had so much class it made my day if you talked with me.  I bet your memoirs are fascinating.  Please let me read them if they ever want new eyes.

10/16/19 04:10 PM #82    

Yvonne Allen (Allison)

What a compliment! You made my day and of course I would be HONORED for you to read it!

02/01/20 12:46 PM #83    


Carol Stewart (Mitchell)

Gary: I have enjoyed reading the messages of class mates who have read your book Abe & Ann and I had lunch with Suzie (Starr) Williamson yesterday and she said she had bought the book and was looking forward to reading it

I went on Amazon and happy to say they said there were only 7 left to order and I don't usually spend this much for a book but I hit the order button and spent  $16.92 just to say I knew the author when he went to High school with me !!!

Amazon also offered a long description of "the author" which I enjoyed reading and I will post my review of the book after I read it in the next couple of weeks

Suzie and I would like to actually visit with you again some time.  Russell Greata has been doing a great job of keeping us connected.  Hope you can make one of our reunions.  Congratulations on accomplishing an amazing goal.

02/02/20 12:17 PM #84    


Gary Moore

Carol -- now you've got me nervous, hoping you'll feel my book turns out to be worth paying full freight for.  I've love to hear from you and Susie what works for you in the book and what doesn't.  I'm working on a new novel now, and your feedback on my first might help my second be better.  The new book is a kind of woman's liberation novel, but set in 1850, when just for a woman to have a career as a dancer -- yes, my tutu friend -- meant crossing many conventioanl boundaries.

And I wish you well on your Florida experiment and hope the universe throws those new friends your way.  I'll have to look at the location of Melbourne.  I'm thinking of moving to Florida myself, specifically the towns of Gulfport and Dunedin, near my two brothers in the St. Pete area.  BTW, do you know who's an avid pickle ball player in  Florida (Delray Beach)?  Jay Gordon.  Yes, I too hope I can see you at the next reuinion, especially if you're bringing your tutu!   

03/31/20 12:45 PM #85    


Peggy Collins (Brown)

I hope all of my classmates stay safe during this crisis. I know you know we are at the age that is vunerable to get it.I have been staying in especially since our Governor has shut down most places in Ohio.Be safe, and I hope to be able to attend our next reunion whenever we can have it.


Peggy A. (Collins) Brown

05/17/20 11:37 AM #86    


Carol Stewart (Mitchell)

Gary: On March 11,   I left for  South Africa on planned safari trip and it was terminated on March 16 due to Corona Virus and then my grils wanted me to quarantine in Pa.  I rent a house in Lake Latonka so I flew there on March 18 and was held captive in Pa until May 11, when I finally was able to fly back to Florida.  The book Abe & Ann was left in Florida so the first thing I did was read your book.  I talked to Susie and she had read your book and both of us were so impressed and we loved telling people we "knew" the author.

Good for you Gary and let us know when you decide to move back to Florida.


05/18/20 04:54 PM #87    


Gary Moore

Carol -- My O my did that Corona Virus push you around!  But I'm happy you landed well despite the exposure of several flights, and  I enjoy the thought of your curling up with my book when you got back to some refuge.  And I'm super happy too that you and Suzie enjoyed my offering.  I look forward to talking with you about it the next time I get to Florida.  I have a trip there planned for next April.  Let's see what the almighty virus has to say about that!   Stay safe and keep your tutu swaying!

09/22/20 02:15 PM #88    

Judith Abraham

Happy Birthday Russell ... may you continue to be surrounded with all that has meaning and a few yuks along the way.


Judith Abraham

03/10/21 07:10 AM #89    


Debra LLoyd (Boyer)

It is with great sadness that yet another classmate has passed.  Carol (Koziol) Ripper passed this past week.  Her obit can be found in the Beaver County Times online.  She was a neighbor of mine for over 20 years post-graduation and can be remembered as a super nice person.  She was an avid pie baker and freely shared her recipes.  It is a loss for out memories.

03/13/21 07:50 PM #90    

Stephen Moffett Sr

It's been awhile since I've even looked at this website (Shame! Shame ! on me) My recollection of classmates has been very poor.. Some I remember: Most I don't. My time spent at BFHS was not a time of interaction with many classmates. The years since graduation, I have concentrated on living my life with no attention to maintaining contact with persons I have known during my time at BFHS, in the Navy, while working variuos jobs, or meeting otherwise. In January of 2020 , the Lord took my wife of 59-1/2 years. I am a Virginia Commissioned Notary Signing agent and have been since 2006. Just for Info: A Notary Signing Agent is a Notary who has been Background Screened (Annually), Certified (Through training and testing by the National Notary Association Annually) and carries a minimum of $25,000 Errors and Omissions Ins. and in some states are Bonded.

I am also an NSA in Florida. I travel frequently between Virginia Beach, VA  (Where I own a home} and Jacksonville FL where my daughter and great-grandchildren live. I would say that it's like being a snow-bird except I don't own a motor home/ travel trailer, just me and my pick-up truck. My traveling plans for coast to coast travel have been cut short by the COVID. I've received both vaccine shots and wear a mask when required. To some wearing a mask is nonsensical but to me it's better to be safe than sorry.   We aren't getting older, just more mature.

To everyone who will be or are more mature this year may the Lord bless y'all.

Steve Moffett

03/16/21 08:08 PM #91    


Joan Vasas (Verner)

Hi Stephen:    Just received my second covid shot yesterday.  My husband has had both of his for two weeks now.   What a relief.  Now my next adventure is getting a new knee.  Surgery is scheduled for March 29.  I will be glad once I get through that operation.  I told my husband it is his turn to take care of me.  In your email, you said that you had a house in Virginia Beach.  My husband and I have visited that area many times..  We loved walking around the town, and on the beach and of course eatting a lot of seafood.  I forget the name of the little cove at the south end of the beach.  There were a lot of seafood places there.  I have also been to Jacksonville which is another great town.  I was with my sister, Patty, who has passed away.  I flew down to stay with her at the Gulf near Destin.  The day I got there she woke me up at three in the morning,and told me that a hurricane was heading straight town our area, and it was listed as a five.   She asked me what I wanted to do, and I replied immediatelyt  - LEAVE!  We headed north, and the traffic was so bad that she made a wrong turn.  We were heading East, and decided to just keep going East. That was how we ended up in Jacksonville.   We spend two weeks there..Her condo back at the Gulf was covered in sand up to the third floor.  The area was completely destroyed.  I also experienced an earthquake at Virginia Beach.  That was the year it caused damage to the cathedral in Washington  I have been involed in earthquakes four times in my travels..  Hope you get your chance to drive across the country. We live in a beautiful country, and I there is a lot to see..  My husband has had health problems, and so it has been awhile since we have gone anywhere.  Take care, and I am glad that you got both of your covid shots.  It was nice to hear that you are doing well.   Joan

03/19/21 09:12 PM #92    


Janet Belkowski (MacCrindle)

To my classmates and friends of the graduation class of 1961. I've been reading at different times the "In Memory", "Message Forums" of our class. It saddened me greatly to read of how many classmates we have lost thru these years, Memories of them just settled in our minds, I know they do with me. I have been living in New Jersey for the pass "54" years and would move back to Beaver Falls in a heart beat, but my husbands roots are here and he has a lot of health issues now, has won lung cancer but suffers from lupus and  may have to go on dialysis, we are praying not. My health has been good so far, I did have a kidney removed due to cancer, that was 15 years ago and I'am blessed with no occurrence of cancer. I still go thru my yearbook and reminisce and think of old times. Remember the bomb scare in jurior high school, believe it or not that was one time I didn't go to lunch with Nadine Weber and the rest of the crew, that made that call, my dad would of killed me.sad. The years seems to be getting shorter and going faster and I just wish for us that are still here we can enjoy our lives with family and dear friends and hopefully attend our class reunions, they are so much fun, i so look forward to them. May God bless all of you and for those gone before us, in heaven we shall gather      FOREVER A TIGER 


08/10/21 11:20 PM #93    

Susan Starr (Williamson)


Thank you to my classmates who recently sent me birthday greetings.  It was so good to hear from you. Wish I could join everyone at the reunion but that is our annual beach week on the  Outer Banks.  Have a wonderful time!  Suzi Starr Williamson


08/11/21 11:38 AM #94    

Alice Jean Luciania (Stewart)

Understand completely. I would pick beach week also. 😆🤣

08/23/21 09:40 AM #95    


Thomas Courtice

Happy Birthday this week to my good buddy of yester-year, Richie Allen, flanked her by grade school pals Jimmy Seaburn on the left and Tom Courtice on the right.  Enjoy your celebration, Rich, and many more in the future.

01/04/23 06:03 PM #96    


Janet Belkowski (MacCrindle)

So sorry to hear of Linda Harrison's passing, she was so pretty and very talented in art work. Her husband and she were such a nice couple since high school. Rest in peace Linda.


03/13/24 01:02 PM #97    

Joseph Betters

My wife and I are wishing you all a very happy reunion. I wanted to be there however, I have several more months of recovery from spinal surgery in November. You all take care and enjoy this reunion.


03/13/24 05:40 PM #98    


Russell Greata

Hey, Joe Betters!    Thanks for your good wishes for our mini-reunion.   Sorry your recovery from spinal surgery is taking so long.

Russ Greata

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