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WELCOME to the Official Website of  the

Beaver Falls High School Class of 1961


March 14, 2020 UPDATE

Hi, BFHS61 Classmates,

This is a joint announcement from Pauline Young Morgan and me, Russ Greata.  We have been spearheading the attempt to determine if our class has enough interest to warrant renting a fire hall for a reunion in the September 2020 time frame.

To that end, our last communication was a March 5, 2020, one-question survey asking who can commit to a Saturday, September 12, 2020 event in the Patterson Twp Fire Hall (by 4th St on Darlington Rd)—very similar in setting and nature to our 2018 reunion in the New Galilee Fire Hall.  The survey directions indicated responses were needed by March 20.

Since March 5, COVID-19 has exploded in the news, and three of our mates have suggested we should not schedule a 2020 reunion and instead just see how the virus plays out over the remaining part of the year. 

Also, as of today, March 14, thirteen classmates and two guests have committed to September 12.   That’s 15 attendees after only one week.   Or, we might have written, “A full week has gone by and only 15 have signed up!”  Given the circumstances, it’s not clear to us whether the response so far is high, middling, or low.

Bottom line:  Pauline and I believe that in light of the far-reaching uncertainty associated with the virus, and in light of the “whelming” [‘whelming’ here is used to mean not overwhelming nor underwhelming] fervor of our class, we are stopping our efforts to pursue a 2020 reunion

We want to emphasize--the only efforts stopping are those of Pauline and myself.  Any of you may take the lead for either a fire hall size reunion or a smaller “party room” event in a restaurant/hotel.  We will be happy to help you with suggestions and communications to the class.

Thoughts and comments:  Russ Greata,  rugreata@aol.com,  703-217-1056. 

                                                Pauline Young Morgan,  p.morgan@hotmail.com,  412-491-8723

END March 14, 2020, Update



Feb 25, 2020

The next reunion in the Beaver Falls area?

It seems everyone wants a reunion in 2021.   Reunion organizers will start seeking input this summer or very early fall regarding a 2021 reunion in the Beaver Falls area.


End Feb 25, 2020, update


2020 Mini-class reunion

This year's mini-class reunion was held on Wednesday, March 4, 2020, at the Havana Country Club in The Villages, Florida. The weather was sunny and warm as was the time spent at the Havana restaurant where old friends gathered and provided updates on current activities and shared old memories.

Attendance was good which helped make it a fun time for all. Unfortunately, the group was so involved in talking and eating that pictures were not taken.  Most of the classmates who attended do not live in the Beaver Falls area but everyone was in agreement that once a Tiger always a Tiger!

Everyone looks forward to more time together at future class get-togethers.



The All-Class reunion and picnic for Beaver Falls High School graduates that was scheduled to be held in Nokomis, Florida on Wednesday, March 18, 2020, at North Jetty Park has been canceled!

Some of the factors that led to this decision are:

    • Input from many attendees.
    • Sarasota parks announced that they are canceling many events.
    • A desire to give classmates who were planning to attend as much notice as possible.
    • the impact of classmates calling to cancel their attendance.

If you are registered to attend, please email Cathy Lamb at cad0208@msn.comm to let her know that you are aware that the picnic has been canceled. If you prefer to call, Cathy’s phone number is 609-425-7958 and Vic Mazza's phone number is 404-432-2327.

The All-Class Reunion planning committer is hopeful that they will be able to resume the tradition of holding an annual BFHS Class Reunion and Picnic next year.. 


The Beaver Falls Class of 1961’s  57th Anniversary Reunion and 75th Birthday Celebration was held at the New Galilee Fire Hall, New Galilee, Pa. on Saturday, September 8th. Over 100 classmates and guests enjoyed seeing and catching up with each other.  While it rained lightly on and off during the day, the environment inside the fire hall was filled with warmth and good spirits. The reunion was built on the foundation that was put in place by Dick Partington, our class president who was with us in spirit.

The reunion program along with the pictures that were taken at the reunion are posted here on the class website under 57th Reunion Pictures and Program. You will find this selection at the top of the page on the right side of the menu bar.

The Reunion Planning Committee consisting of Terry Dicianna, Russ Greata, Harry James, Terry Krivak, and Connie Ramsey Menand thank you for your support.

The committee is working to locate and post the obituaries and other pertinent information for all of our deceased classmates. If you have an obituary or information on a deceased classmate that we do not have, please let us know and we will post it.

Profiles of our deceased classmates can be accessed on the website by clicking on the In-Memory tab at the top of the page.

Our class website provides us with the opportunity to communicate with each other in a private manner and communications can be sent and received in an easy and effective format.

if you have not signed up to join the website, you are invited to take this step so you can stay connected with other classmates. If you are a member, please consider encouraging classmates you communicate with who are not members, to join by going to http://www.beaverfalls61.com  and click on the tab labeled “First Time Visitors” and follow the instructions that are outlined there.

The planning committee looks forward to continuing to work with you. If you have any concerns, questions, or information to share, please contact one of the website administrators.

Thank you for your help and support.


Website administrators

Russ Greata     -    Email -  rugreata@aol.com            Phone -1-703-217-1056

Terry Krivak      -    Email -  terrykrivak@aol.com          Phone -1-440-236-8033  

Terry Dicianna  -    Email-   tldicianna@yahoo.com      Phone -1-210-219-5770




Please see ‘March 14, 2020, Update’ near the top of the Home Page regarding the terminated efforts to organize a 2020 BFHS61 reunion.

NOTE:  We still plan to have a 2021 BFHS61 REUNION !!!


Reunion donations are used to cover expenses for classmate communications, the reunion venue and the caterer.


•   Bernie Pokropski (Cymbor)  6/18
•   Debra LLoyd (Boyer)  6/16
•   Arthur Davis  6/9
•   John Corwin  6/8
•   Russell Greata  5/21
•   Thomas Courtice  5/19
•   Carol Stewart (Mitchell)  5/17
•   Eloise Hanby  4/8
•   Doralee Pauletich  3/19
•   Michael MacDonald  3/15
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