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08/26/16 01:39 PM #20    


Sandra Sims (Peyton)

Again, thanks Dick and Ruth and the other classmates who made this reunion so special! I really enjoyed having a one day picnic/party. It was perfect. It was wonderful to spend time with dear friends. The music and the food were good, too. These events are very important and I feel blessed to be part of them.

Sandi Sims (Peyton)

08/26/16 03:06 PM #21    

Sondra Kemp (Fresty)



08/26/16 03:06 PM #22    

Sondra Kemp (Fresty)



08/27/16 08:33 AM #23    

Martha Hosack (Gurdin)

The pictures are great. I hope to see more. Sorry I could not be there. Thanks to all who made it possible, especially Dick and Ruth.            Martha Hosack Gurdin




11/12/16 04:36 PM #24    

Stephen Moffett

Just wanted to add a comment to the survey.......I'm thinking KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) type of reunion...Instead of supplying food for the attendees, the attendees could bring their own food and beverage of choice. It could be held at a Bradys Run pavilion instead of inside a building.....Prizes could be awarded for : Who traveled the furthest from home to the reunion; the most senior in age; Whomever is closest in guessing  the number of attendees. The money to either purchase an item to be awarded or a designated amount to be awarded for each catagory would be derived from PRIZE FUND donations received.   

For  further discussion on my comments anyone of my classmates is invited to call or text me @ 757-567-6558

Steve Moffett

01/23/17 04:17 PM #25    

Beverly Patterson (Keith)

Hi Dick,

Just saw the In Memory notice for Vincent Kosloski.  It brought up a question I have had in the past.  In looking through the 1961 yearbook, there is no Vincent Kosloski in the book.  I have noticed others in the past that are not in our year book.  Were there many students who did not appear in the 1961 year book?  Thanks for letting me know - Bev Patterson Keith

01/24/17 01:34 PM #26    

Pauline Young (Morgan)

Vincent was in many activities & pics can be found there but must have missed day pics were taken so may be absent in main individual pics.

01/24/17 01:48 PM #27    

Pauline Young (Morgan)

Dick & Ruth,
You did a splendid job of our reunion with so little help locally. We need to recruit more locals to help with next one next year. I gladly volenteer to help as well a lot more classmates. Having at Brady's Run was a very good idea which I'm sure all will agree. We could all bring a cover dish for next with maybe the meat & salad provided by our class funds . We could have an online sign up of hordes, veggies, deserts, rolls or breads & etc, that would give a variety of food & request enough for at least 10 people so if someone is from afar won't necessarily be excluded by not able to bring something. It's a thought for next reunion.
Pauline Young Morgan

01/29/17 09:21 AM #28    


Richard Partington

Answer to Bev's comments about Vince Kosloski - the reunion committee that created and maintained our class list over 30+ years included everyone who was associated with our class during our 12 to 13 years in public schools. The result is that we have about 535 classmates listed on our website as compared to about 427 who actually were graduated in 1961. Personally, I like the inclusiveness. Several of those classmates who did not graduate with us (for many different reasons) have expressed their thanks for being included and informed about our activities.  Dick

01/30/17 12:54 PM #29    

Beverly Patterson (Keith)

Hi Dick,

Thanks so much for clarifying how there are names on our class roster that were not in the year book.  Makes good sense and I agree it is a good idea now that the mystery is solved.  Thanks again for all your work on this site.  Have a great day - Bev

09/08/17 10:18 AM #30    


Robert Contino

Want lift up in prayer all classmates in Texas and Lousiana that are recovering from Harvey. Also our classmates of 61 in Florida, plus I have some cousins in Florida and want to include them.
Lift all up to our God for protection from Irma we ask in our Lord Jesus name.



Pax et Bonum

Roberto G. Contino OFS - Fra Antonio OFS
Margarita Contino OFS - Sorella Theresa Rosa OFS
Ordo Franciscanus Saecularis
San Pio de Pietrelcina OFS

Preach the Gospel
At all times;
when necessary,

St. Francis of Assisi

"Pray, Hope and don't worry.
Anxiety doesn't help at all.
Our Merciful Lord will listen to your prayer."
San Padre Pio of Pietrelcina

09/09/17 04:33 PM #31    

Yvonne Allen (Allison)

Prayers to all our classmates in Florida and in harms way...

04/24/18 06:35 AM #32    

Martha Hosack (Gurdin)

I tried to add this yesterday but I just got it on my own profile. Deb Lloyd Boyer posted on FaceBook last night that Dick Partington has died. She knew no details and said that the obituary had not been posted yet. She had heard that he had been ill for a while. Such a loss for Ruth and his family and for all of us. He was a special person, a fried to all.


04/24/18 06:52 AM #33    

Martha Hosack (Gurdin)

Sorry for the typo. "Friend" to us all.

04/25/18 10:53 AM #34    

Bernie Pokropski (Cymbor)

Thank you, Martha, for posting Dick's obituary.  I did not know he was sick.  What a shock!  He was indeed one of the nicest guys ever.  My sympathy to his wife and family.  Bernie Pokropski Cymbor

04/26/18 09:16 AM #35    


Robert Contino

My prayers are with Dick's wife and family. I was shocked and saddend to hear about Dick and just remembering both of us at St. Mary's school playing music together on stage. We believe in the Resurrection and I feel strongly that Jesus greeted Dick Partington home in heaven. Our home is in heaven and we are passing through in this life.

Pax et Bonum,
 (Peace and All Good)
Pace e bene,
Robert W. Contino OFS (Br. Anthony OFS)
May the Lord bless you and keep you.
May He show His face to you and be merciful to you.
May He turn His countenance to you and give you peace.

May the Lord bless you. Amen
Where the Bishop is, there let the multitude of believers be;
even as where Jesus is, there is the Catholic Church.
St. Ignatius of Antioch, 1st c. A.D

04/27/18 12:38 PM #36    

Frank Burdine

My thoughts and prayers are with you 

      At this trying time  I never knew Dick was sick.  Iam so sorry for your family. Dick was a special person. 

04/30/18 11:06 PM #37    

Russell Greata



Dick  Partington

On April 21, 2018, we lost an exceptionally good man, good for so many more reasons than he was our excellent BFAHS 1961 Class President. 

The impressions I have of Dick suggest that we spent much time together, but reflecting back, I realize how few times we actually did share, and all of these were group settings.  So how could I feel so certain that my assessments are based on enough knowledge?  In the same way that any of us ‘knows’ another—based on our personal perceptions during times together (including emails) and based on inferences we draw from times together, from reports from others, and from what a person has done in their life.  Stated this way, it may not sound like much of a basis, but I feel strongly that I have it right:  Dick was a really good guy who lived life fully and well, while projecting humility regarding himself and caring regarding others.

Dick was an unassuming guy who did not stand out in the obvious ways of star athletes or of performing artists or of geniuses or of highly extroverted people.  Yet, he was very popular and often chosen to lead.

Very friendly, freely engaging with others, having a genuine smile, always readily forthcoming, Dick seemed truly interested in the person he was talking to.  He listened to them, and only spoke of himself if prodded. 

Dick also had a great sense of humor, but he was not one, seeking attention, to take the floor to entertain others with his wit.

He was deeply religious, but, barring a spiritual discussion, you wouldn’t know it from him.  Whether religion or any important issue, it’s not that Dick did not hold strong views, but in any everyday discussion with friends, he was not one to push himself or his views on anyone.

Just by hanging around Dick in a group could enrich your life.  He supported everyone and never introduced negativity of any sort.  You came away just feeling better knowing that here was one of those people who somehow manage to be the glue of society.

 In all settings, his manner made those around him feel comfortable.  Not through obviously outstanding specific skills, not through blind ambition, but through his way with people, Dick conveyed the idea that he would get the job done while caring for the people doing it.  Dick’s rise in the business world demonstrated that he did have the right set of skills.

Finally, a characteristic not often included in this kind of memorial:  Dick was brave.  I base this assessment primarily on his volunteering to fly US Navy helicopters on important defensive missions.  Many of our citizens are unaware of how many of our military are killed just in training exercises.  Conducting actual military operations is dangerous work in general; flying Navy helicopters entails considerable risk of harm.  Yes, he was brave, but when I was quizzing Dick on what he did in the Navy, he did not say a word about the danger involved.

Without fanfare, Dick served his country, his community, our high school class, his friends, and his family for whom he was a beloved husband (to his wonderful wife, Ruth), father, and grandfather.  His is a life lived that I so admire.

I am sad that my friend, Dick Partington, is gone.  And I’m sad that the world has lost such a man.

Russ Greata

05/01/18 07:52 AM #38    

Martha Hosack (Gurdin)

Well said, Russell. You so elequently expressed what we all feel. Although not all class members knew him well, I expect we all thought of him as a friend. He is sadly missed.


05/01/18 12:14 PM #39    

Donna Martin

This is a great tribute and so well written Russell. Thank you for it. I hope his wife and family get to see it. Thank you for the time you took to reflect so eloquently on Dick's life. 

05/01/18 03:41 PM #40    

Martha Hosack (Gurdin)

In case you have not seen Dick's obituary, I posted it as a comment on his classmate profile. Dick was the one who managed this website and now the rest of us are not sure exactly how to do things.

05/04/18 07:23 AM #41    

Martha Hosack (Gurdin)

Thank you Russ Greata, Terry Krivak, and Terry Dicianna for being willing to step in after we lost Dick. We know that you will continue his work on the website and with the reunion. We appreciate your efforts.


05/05/18 04:58 PM #42    

Pauline Young (Morgan)

Thanks guys for taking our class memories & reunions. It's tough loosing Richard who did a great job of keeping all our classmates posted about class reunions, people who have passed on to better places & just updating on events from our school happenings. You have my support if needed in future planning or helping with reunions or other activities within our class. Best of luck.
Paine (Young) Morgan

05/07/18 02:58 PM #43    

Stephen Moffett

I am saddened by the passing of Dick Partington. I was a classmate of his in elementary school and high school. It was a pleasure to know him . He treated everyone like a friend. As class president he represented our class very well. It was through his leadership throughout the years that our class is able to  touch base with one another. He will be missed. I wish you " Fair Winds and Following Seas", Dick 

For those of you who know Dick's wife, plz relay my sympathy to her and that she is my prayers

R.I.P Dick

Stephen J Moffett sr, USN Retired

11/19/18 05:41 PM #44    

Janet Belkowski (MacCrindle)

So sorry to read of Bobbie Shuman's passing. I get the Beaver County Times delivered to me in New Jersey but it is always 4 to 5 days late. Bobbie was such a kind, gentle person. Glad to have seem her and Gary at our class reunions, didn"t see her at our last one, didn't know she was sick. My prayers for you Gary and the whole family, may the Lord give you comfort and peace  in your time of loss. Bobbie rest in peace your in God's care now.

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